by Ellie April 7, 2010
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I just adore being around people who talk about the things they like – the things they appreciate! I call them “Appreciators”…..

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Everything Always Works Out For Me

by Ellie February 20, 2010
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Everything really does work out – doesn’t it? Things that once looked so bad somehow cleared up… Take note of this flow of love in your life and rest within that serenity.

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by Ellie December 18, 2009
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Thank You! Your comments and appreciations reminds us all of the Divine Love that is within each of us!

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Deliberate Creators, Appreciators

by Ellie November 24, 2009
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I absolutely love to work with people who are eager and willing to learn. I see the changes that are happening in their lives and I watch their true selves step out into the world with a new bounce in their step as they claim their power and their love.

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Kuva – My Birthday Boy

by Ellie November 5, 2009
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Tweet Today I Appreciate…. Kuva – my 100lb Chocolate Lab. Today is his birthday – he is now eleven years old! We first saw him was he was just a few days old – he was the only one in the litter with a white star on his chest… which is how we could tell […]

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Hearing My Inner Voice…

by Ellie November 4, 2009
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Tweet Today I Appreciate…. Hearing and paying attention to my Inner Voice. I’m not talking about the brain chatter that rolls around – I call that the “committee members” – The Inner Voice I speak of is your soul – your inner being – your true self. I’m not even sure I hear it as […]

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