Taking a Nap

by Ellie

Taking a Nap

Today I Appreciate….

  • Taking a Nap – I’m not normally a nap person…. Yesterday around 7pm – I felt myself getting so sleepy… and we had company! Now there was a time I would have made myself stay awake… but after reading Carol’s post from the day before … I knew it was time to take care of myself…

So I snuck into bed and off I went …….. I do remember Carol coming in asking if I wanted to go to dinner… but I stayed right there in my nap. I woke a little while later feeling totally refreshed… Carol brought me back some great pizza so I still got to eat … and all of us played some games of Wii  – A great night!

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1 Sydney April 11, 2010 at 8:06 am

Great photo – that’s a puppy who is definitely in paradise and milking every second of it – yes, naps can be grande; especially when you’re really sleepy

Today I appreciate the pedicure I treated myself to yesterday at the end of a full day of shopping & running around – especially after the less than thrilling experience of trying out a home foot bath… so much more relaxing & enjoyable when someone else does it for you!

Today I appreciate the bright sunny sky and lush green grass that greeted me this morning when I woke up.

I appreciate knowing that I don’t need to pack the whole world to enjoy my vacation.

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2 Coryelle April 12, 2010 at 3:58 am

Naps are the bEsT! When I do the Abraham Alphabet game “N” is usually for nap.

Today I appreciate laughing with friends that I have missed being with.

I appreciate waking up in a city that is beautifully constructed and amazingly clean. (Munich)

I appreciate seeing the growth in Stephan and I, that happened both together and apart.

I appreciate making up in my mind what my future will hold.

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