Taking a Quiet Moment….

by Coryelle

quiet spot

Today I Appreciate….

  • Taking a Quiet Moment – Living here in the mountains of upstate New York with 9 acres around me. I have many opportunities to have quiet moments, but I don’t always remember to take them.

Before shooting a promotional video about what I do as an Animal Communicator, I had a quiet moment. I took a few minutes for myself and aligned mind.  It really helped to clear my mind of what I thought I should say and just let it flow.

The video went great! 🙂 and I felt clear and really happy with the way it all just fell together.
I took another before each client session that I had today.
I took one before making an important phone call.

The quiet moments that I take not only at the start and end of my day, but all the others in between, allowed me to flow all through the day.

They don’t have to be long, only than a few seconds or minutes, I just find a quiet place and take my moment.

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