Taking Time to Be

by Guest Writer

Guest post by Nancy Barry-Jansson
Today I Appreciate…

  • Taking the time to be present with the quiet moments that are a stark contrast to my busy lifestyle.

One way I do this is to sit or lay down, and focus on my breathing. I slow it down, taking very deep inhales…holding it slightly…then releasing it slowly until I reach the bottom of the exhale. I put my right hand on my belly, below my navel. I place my left hand on my solar plexus, above my navel. I feel the wave of breath flowing into and out of my body.
You can also stretch your body while you do this. Some forms of Yoga are ideal for this process.
If my brain is busy chattering at this point, I will consciously *feel* the energy in my head and imagine moving it down into my heart area and let it rest there. This, for me, almost instantly quiets my mind and makes me aware of the peace that naturally resides within my body.
After a few minutes of quiet breathing, I will focus on my heart and ask, “What is the most important action for me to take right now?”
The answer always comes to me, along with the energy to take that action. I call this inspired action. Sometimes, though, the most inspired action in that moment is to remain relaxed and in the present moment.
Do you take time to appreciate being in the present moment?


About the Author:
Nancy Barry-Jansson is an AffirmingSpirit Teacher | Mentor | Coach, as well as an illustrator and the creator of AffirmingSpirit™ Affirmation Cards, sold online through AffirmingSpirit.com. You may contact Ms Barry-Jansson here.

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1 AffirmingSpirit March 20, 2010 at 12:14 am

Ellie, as you know, I wrote this post a few weeks ago so you could post it. Seeing it today was a great reminder to “take time to BE” ~ I really *appreciated* that time today, and BREEEEAAAATHING!

Wow…what a simple tool to shift your attention to *something else* and help the body feel better immediately!

Many blessings,

Yes - I Appreciate that too! Thumb up 0

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