The Flow of Information

by Ellie

The flow of information

Today I Appreciate….

  • The Flow of Information – Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to gather information?! Especially with the internet – all this information is right at our fingertips!

Yesterday I had several questions which I needed some answers to. Things about creating videos – so I went to a forum / I needed some info about my Sansa Fuze mp3 player so I went to that forum / I had some questions about Social Media so I went to Twitter and a forum / Wanted some info on bead bracelets and used email.

All of the people that were involved so willingly gave the information they knew….All of my questions were answered! It was so spectacularly easy!  And I am so aware the information only flows this easy because people are so willing to be of help! 😀

Do you appreciate the people who make information flow so easily?

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1 Maryann December 8, 2009 at 10:09 am

I appreciate the beautiful playful snow falling this morning. It was graceful in its flight, as it languidly drifted down from the sky. Just beautiful.

Like Carol, I appreciate the heater in my car. And really appreciative of getting 2 new tires last week as my bf had the car and was in the wilds of Middleburgh, NY during the snow fall on Saturday. He got safely home without incident for which I am extremely grateful!

I appreciate my wonderful Aqua Aerobics instructor Mary. She led a wonderful and energetic class last night that truly invigorated me and my body felt great afterwards! Thanks Mary for all your enthusiasm!

I appreciate my morning commute with my boyfriend. We often listen to the radio on the way into Albany, we talk about the upcoming day and laugh at his terrible jokes (mine are marvelous!) He is my co-pilot and helps me navigate the Arbor Hill exit, which is tricky coming from I-90 east. I really love him.

I appreciate this forum. I have had a few days where my I have felt a little off and this forum has helped to not wander too far off and is guiding me back to my path. Thank you Ellie!!!

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2 Carol December 8, 2009 at 7:32 pm

Yeah, yeah….people and information.

Today I needed info on how to replace my custom license plate. By phone, a young man told me exactly what to do in the interim and already started the process to replace my missing plate. Thank you, Sir.

Then I needed some information regarding some financial arrangements that I want to do. 1 more phone, an email, and the Internet. Wham, bang! Done.

Tonight, I will join my colleagues in a staff meeting by phone. No traveling 100+ miles. Wonderful!!

Yes, so much information at out fingertips makes life so easy in many ways.

Hmmmm, wish I had planned for snow tires a little earlier like others I know. However, it will be done at the next available time. And tomorrow, I have the loan of the Jeep. Thanks.

Today, I pulled out the 2 little Christmas trees we put out each year. Beginning the Christmas spirit.

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