The Joy in Writing

by Coryelle

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Today I Appreciate….

The Joy in Writing – Doing the daily posts here has helped me to remember that I get a lot of joy from writing. Making time everyday to sit at the computer and think of things that I wanted to appreciate felt good. Also, I had the opportunity to sit down and write out ideas that I have for my own site.

And now I am really excited about writing again!

I love that FEELING of excitement that I get when I have the idea or inspiration for a post (the Goosebumps start forming), I begin to write it down, it starts slowly at first but then it starts going at this amazing rate and sometimes before I know it I am so tapped in that an hour has past. I guess that is what they mean when they saying “Written From the Heart”. All my posts that I wrote here were written from the heart and I hope that you enjoyed reading them.

Well Boys & Girls, this will be my last post for the “Today I Appreciate” website, 🙁 and I just want to say a few more things….

Ellie I can’t thank you enough for giving me….yet again, a wonderful opportunity for expansion.

To all of you, Ellie’s readers, you made me feel welcome right from the start and thank you for your tweets, and your comments and the emails.

I hope you enjoyed our time together, I know I did.

Now….take it away Ellie! 😉

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1 Sydney K Allen January 22, 2010 at 11:26 am

I appreciate Coryelle and all the heart she has put into this page – it has been a real pleasure to come visit.

I especially appreciate the reminder that came to me from today’s post – I had actually forgotten that wonderful rush of excitement that begins when an inspiration comes for something to write about and then builds as I give myself the time and space to put pen to paper. I have clearly spent too much time putting myself under a time or perfection constraint everytime I’ve sat down to write (or more acurately – avoided sitting down to write). I appreciate the reminder of some of the wonderful feelings & experiences that come out allowing myself to write – and the reminder that that is why I have always loved to write. Thank you for the return of that very precious gift.

Today I appreciate the opportunity to say farewell to one of my favorite “family elders” in person – secure in the knowledge that he is in an excellent space; having a most excellent adventure… while I’ll miss his physical presence, voice, hugs – I appreciate knowing that we have no need to end the conversations that began in this life.

Today I appreciate good car insurance and having an advocate in my mechanic – they’re going to cover more than half of the cost of my huge repair bill that came unexpectady last week, as being caused by last summer’s flooding.

Today I appreciate all the signs of my abundance and the reassurance that all is well.
All Is Well is a fabulous space to live in!

WELCOME HOME ELLIE & CAROL – you’ve both been missed 🙂

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2 Maryann January 22, 2010 at 6:39 pm

I appreciate Coryelle’s contributions to the site. Inspiring and insightful as always. Thanks for being here!

I appreciate; quiet, good books, Project Runway reruns, soft kitty bellies and good cheese. Not a bad way to spend the day!

I appreciate all the opportunities Marge offers at Venture Inward. To learn, to express your self, and tp see other worlds. Thanks Marge.

I missed you Ellie & Carol and can’t wait to see you Monday!

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3 Ellie January 23, 2010 at 9:47 pm

Hi Sydney
Inspiration… sometimes it is a rush of pure blissful excitement… other times it is the calm soothing knowing…

I agree “All is Well land” is a Fabulous place to live! 😀

See you Monday evening!

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4 Ellie January 23, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Hi Maryann
I always appreciate your appreciations! 😉

See you Monday! 😀

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