The Joy of the Journey…

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Joy-filled Journey

Guest post by Carol

Today I Appreciate….

For those of you who are familiar with Abraham, you have probably heard them say something to the effect that, “The joy is in the journey.”  In other words, life is meant to be joyful, and the joy is not in the manifestation of things we are wanting, but in the process of putting our hands in the clay and in the molding of that clay.

On a personal level, I have recently had a blatant experience that speaks to that premise.

I drive a 14-yr-old car with 179,000 miles on it that runs beautifully and starts right up on the coldest of mornings. I love the way the car handles, and the speed of it. However, it has it quirks, and I have been intending to replace it in the Spring sometime.

For a couple months, I have been researching on the internet and have read about a variety of vehicles and narrowed down to what I wanted. I considered practicality as well as desire, I looked for good reviews, and I wanted something that got over 20 mpg.  What I decided on was a previously-owned, nicely-broken-in Lexus SUV of the RX series.  I read about the magnificent electronic equipment it has, how the engine speed automatically adjusts to icy driving conditions, the perfect ratio of the turning wheels and the gears, the headlight washers, the seat warmers, etc, etc. I was very excited. I once owned a nicely-broken-Cadillac with climate control, leather seats, and a lovely van that had 6-way push-button adjustable seats with electronic read-outs of outside temperature, current mpg, and all sorts of wonderful things. But I have never owned a Lexus.

Then I proceeded to search all around the country to see what was available in my price range, and I zeroed in a year that I wanted. I then picked out 2 colors that would be acceptable to me. And I looked some more every day for the proximity of these cars me, and realized I may have to travel a bit. The next thing was to figure out how I would have a car checked out by someone I trusted if I were away from home looking at a car.

Oh yes, I spent several weeks doing this. I have pictures of my Lexus on my refrigerator, in my room and at my desk at work. If anyone asks, I tell them I am getting a Lexus in the Spring.

A couple weeks ago, I stopped by a Lexus dealerships and test drove a Lexus RX that was a couple years old.  It “fit” just right. It looked just right.

Over the next couple days, I found myself not looking on the Internet anymore, not thinking about my Lexus so much.  And you know what? I realized that I thought about it so much, felt myself driving it, heard myself telling people I have a Lexus when they asked what kind of car I drive,  and saw myself driving a ways out of town to pick up my Lexus, that the desire to actually purchase the Lexus had dissipated. I had a wonderful time researching and planning for it; I felt like I already owned my Lexus. And now, that desire has almost left.

I put my fingers in that clay. Oh yes, did I ever mold that clay. And now, whopee.  On to the next thing. Will I but my Lexus come Spring? I really can’t answer that question now. Maybe yes, and maybe no. We’ll see. I truly KNOW what Abraham meant by saying, “The joy IS in the journey!”

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1 Maryann March 17, 2010 at 8:44 am

I appreciate that I was able to attract to me a job interview for a job within my agency!

I appreciate this gorgeous weather.

I appreciate that my life is going along quite beautifully.

I appreciate that, no matter what, everything is going to be ok!

Yes - I Appreciate that too! Thumb up 0

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