The Sun Peeking Out

by Ellie

Sun peeking out from the clouds

Today I Appreciate….

  • The Sun Peeking Out From the Clouds – Today the sun peeked it’s head out from the clouds and shone on me!

OK – I’m not in PR anymore … and today was a mostly cloudy day .. then about 4pm I was on my way with a cup of coffee back into my office. I stopped for a moment in the living room and I became so aware of the sun shining on my face…. it was glorious!

We have a large bay window and that sun was beaming itself right onto my recliner chair. I sat down … closed my eyes and let that soothing warmth take me away…. I was right back on the beach – I could hear the waves breaking – feel the breeze on my face. It was Ecstasy! It lasted for about 10 minutes and it was such a great refresher!  🙂

Do you purposely think about memories that make you smile?

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1 Maryann January 28, 2010 at 11:49 am

I appreciate that some co-workers asked me to go to lunch with them. It will break up the day nicely and I really enjoy their company.

I appreciate the quick service I received for my printer at work. I was printing labels and one got stuck in the toner cartridge. Today he came and fixed everything up in about 10 minutes. The tech has the contract for our agency and he is a really nice guy besides.

I appreciate that I believe I had a breakthrough late last night with The Process. I have been having a lot of resistence in one particular part of my life and the phrasing I was using for The Process was, while accurate, not really getting to the meat of the thing. I tingle just thinking about it.

I appreciate a nice lady at my job who is really kind, reassuring and is a good source of knowledge. I had a work problem crop up and after talking with her I was able to get back into balance with myself.

I appreciate that dinner was cooked for me last night and it was really good. It was nice to relax and have my meal delivered right to my seat! By a cute guy, no less!

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2 Sydney K Allen January 28, 2010 at 12:22 pm

I appreciate the easing up of my post-root canal nerve pain – it appears to be settling down

I appreciate the The Process and the ability to take the sharpest edges off of the pain with it these past few days

I appreciate being in a financial position to pay off my car repair bills in such a short period of time.

I actually appreciate being back at work – so surprised to hear myself say that but it is true

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3 Carol January 29, 2010 at 9:53 am

I appreciate some opportunities that are available to me through work, such as working at home soon.

I never stop appreciating my car. 176,199 miles and 14 yrs old, and it started right up this morning in single-digit weather. Amazing!

I appreciate having dinner at home and watching a movie with my honey last night.

I appreciate Dr Deb, the chiropractor, who brought some bones back into alignment for me yesterday. Ahhhh.

And, I appreciate getting some business IRS forms completed and in the amil yesterday. The thought of IRS paper work has led to confoundment for me in the past. Yesterday I maintained a positive attitude and brought my paper work together easily. Pat on the back for me, and a thank you to the woman on the phone at the IRS office who answered some questions for me.

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