The World Wide Web…

by Ellie

I Appreciate the World Wide Web

Today I Appreciate….

  • The Internet – the World Wide Web

I know the kids think it always has been — but — if you aren’t a kid — Isn’t it amazing what we can do with a computer today?!

  • Write an email – push a button and whoosh – your recipient receives it!
  • Write an article on a blog like this one – push a button and whoosh – it is published for the whole world to see!
  • Do a search for any information you want and whoosh – it is there for you!
  • Join forums, groups and talk to people all over the world!
  • Take classes from the comfort of your home in your pajamas!
  • Meet new people – I met Jenny Mannion online and found out she lives just about 1 hour from me. We were able to meet and have coffee together. And… I met Suzie Cheel who lives in Australia and tonight – we also had coffee together – and I didn’t have to leave my house! We used skype and webcams – we could see each other and talk. Suzie was having morning coffee in Australia and I was having evening coffee in NY!

So many exciting opportunities awaiting you right at your computer! What opportunities are you appreciating today?

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1 Maryann November 19, 2009 at 8:53 am

1. A good glass of wine. This is something that I did not always appreciate. Over time, though, the taste of a sweet vintage is a pleasure I begun to partake that I truly enjoy.

2. My living arrangement with my boyfriend. At first it seemed awkward, trying to accomodate our different needs in one location. Now, though, a rhythm has developed that is really pleasing and pretty cool.

3. My continued improved health. Yay!

4. My kitty companions. There is such love and playfulness there; my kitten is full of vibrant energy, my “middle” cat is loving and devoted and my “grande dame” is mellowing to all the change that has occured in the last few months. They bring such joy to my life and I love them so very much.

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