by Ellie

Snowed in Driveway

Today I Appreciate….

  • Trucks –
  • Snow Plow Trucks
  • Sander Trucks
  • Gas Trucks

See that driveway…. It’s steep, it curves and it gets icy spots. It is glorious in the summer… but in the winter it is interesting!

Our heating system runs on propane…  and yesterday we were due for a propane delivery. Our plow guy came and he plowed and sanded and salted and plowed and sanded and salted and….. He works miracles!

A while later the gas truck came – he started coming up …. his wheels were spinning … slid back down. Started up again … back down. I’m watching out the window… “Oh Please don’t give up” – He reversed down the road a bit… got a bit of momentum and up he came again…. he was getting there… the wheels started to spin a bit here and there… he got to that curve – I was rooting him on – “Come on – you can do it!” – Phew! he made it!  🙂

Tanks are full now… I so appreciate these trucks and especially the people who drive them!  😀

What do You Appreciate Today?

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1 Sydney January 7, 2010 at 7:05 am

I appreciate waking up a half hour early without an alarm clock – the quiet and absence of rushing has made for a truly blissful morning

I appreciate my earmuffs more than ever after 2 days without them –
nothing like having those bad boys flat against my ears under my hood & braids when the wind kicks up – thank you PUM

And yes, always every day I appreciate PUM and everything he does.

I appreciate my body’s agility on & around the icy spots of driveways and walkways

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2 Carol January 7, 2010 at 1:41 pm

I appreciate having planned ahead and organized myself so that nearly everything is ready to go away because I work long hours for the next 3 days before leaving.

I appreciate Charlie. A wonderful man who grew up in this little town and who passed over on Sunday while shoveling snow. He loved the outdoors, and he loved working outdoors – so I’m sure he passed in a way that was good for him. He was very strong and robust, always had a smile on his face and a pleasant word for everybody – I mean it. He was an unusual person. And most of all — he always gave a big bear hug when he would see you. When Charlie gave you a hug, you knew you were hugged — he was famous for that. He will be missed in the physical, but he will always be here.

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