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Today I Appreciate….

  • Day Dreaming – As a kid we all did this so naturally… Just sit back and let your imagination go… See the things you want to do – the places you want to visit…the fun times….

As kids we are often told to stop day dreaming…Many of us got the message that day dreaming was not productive…. it was a waste of time and it certainly is not something for adults to do!

I was reminded of this when I read the TUT message the other day:

What part of “visualize” do you think most people misunderstand?

Or don’t they do it, just once a day, for five minutes a day, because they’ve yet to realize that whatever it is they most want lies only a little thinking away?

Visualizing is so simple and such a vital part of living the life you desire! Today people are taught how to visualize and many say “I can’t visualize” … but of course you can — visualizing is day dreaming… You just need to tap back into that child within you… That child who is a master at visualizing!

Take some time today to tap back into that inner child and day dream…. 😀

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