When the Numbers Line Up…

by Ellie

I Appreciate when the numbers line up!

Today I Appreciate….

  • When the numbers line up… and today is 11/11 – When I see the numbers line up it says to me everything is in perfect order. If I’m paying for something and the bill or my change turns out to be 3.33 – I think of perfect order. When I look at a digital clock and the time is 2:22 – perfect order. For me it is like taking mini appreciation breaks.

As I started to write this post I looked over at the time on my computer – 1:11am – perfect order – How perfect is that? Another mini appreciation for me!

Here is what Slade Roberson says about this day –  “2009 can be reduced (2+0+0+9) to 11, rendering the entire month of November an 1111 — a master manifestation number that indicates doorways opening, a creative portal for setting new intentions, and particularly a time of inspiration and illumination.” Which would make today, November 11th, a triple 11 day!

Do I subscribe to numerology – actually I never thought about it. I happened ( if you believe in coincidences ) upon that website today as I was thinking about this post. For me, perfect order, means those things that Slade is speaking of – doorways opening, setting new intentions, inspiration and illumination.

And I know … the more I find to appreciate the more the numbers line up – the more doors open – the more new intentions – the more inspiration – the more illumination.

When you see the numbers line up – Take a mini appreciation break! 😉

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1 Maryann November 11, 2009 at 1:01 pm

1. A day off to do whatever I wish. And appreciative of those who made the tough decision to serve in the armed forces and be away from home.

2. A good book, a good show on the tv, and all the cats on the bed, getting along & napping. It is so cozy & comfy.

3. My growing satisfaction with my job. I feel more content, focused & powerful. It feels wonderful.

Yes - I Appreciate that too! Thumb up 0

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