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Today I Appreciate….

  • Your Feedback – So…. I’ve been thinking about changing the format of this site and I would absolutely appreciate your feedback.

I do appreciation lists everyday – but I am finding posting them here on this site has become very time consuming. The reason for that is I don’t want to repeat a topic… Yet the truth is I absolutely do repeat appreciations on many days…. Like I appreciate my coffee everyday!  😉

I’m thinking of doing a post once a week – start on Sunday or Monday and then you can leave your comments at that post as the week goes on….

So… today please tell me what you think about this idea – you can post it right here along with your appreciation for the day – or you can email me from the contact form

I Appreciate Your Feedback! 😀

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1 Sydney April 14, 2010 at 12:32 am

Today I appreciate being right handed – having sliced my finger open on my left hand this morning and wound up getting 3 stitches I am acutely aware of how much more interesting things would be if that had been my dominant hand.

I appreciate finally being packed

I apppreciate my neighbor’s willingness to check on the kitties while we’re gone AND even offered to do kitty litter duty – she’s the best- Thx Diane I so appreciate you

I appreciate my partner, Chris, for changing the bed… there’s nothing quite like crawling into soft clean sheets – I love it

Ah yes, I also apprecite Chris and all the many cooperative components that helped her plan our wonderful anniversary vacation – Bahamas here we come.

Feedback: Ellie I think going to once a week could be a good thing – it might encourage more people to post – I’ll miss the daily posts ( it ceates a real conversational feel – but once a week will certainly create something too – we just don’t know what yet!) – I say give it a try

See you after the 22nd – we’re going to be computer free!

Yes - I Appreciate that too! Thumb up 0
2 Ellie April 14, 2010 at 8:06 am

Sydney – Woo Hoo – Look out Bahamas… Here they come! 😀
Have a Glorious Vacation! Biggest Hugs!

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